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Your little corner in the heart of Paris

Concept showroom & image production house in Paris, Marais district. In a beautiful 40m2 space within a Haussmannian building offering Parisian-style interior. Open to all professionals by appointment Tuesday-Saturday


Brand selection criteria:

Strong brand identity 


Contemporary & innovative design

High quality product, committed to delivering products with meticulous craftsmanship

Sustainable and ethical approach that prioritizes environmental responsibility and ethical practices

Small quantity and responsable production, emphasizing quality over quantity 

Responsive customer service

Services we provide:

Exhibition of the collections in Paris Marais district 


Appointment management and presentation to potential wholesale and retail buyers 


Editorial publications in international fashion magazines and online platforms 


Management of shopping requests for editorial and commercial publications


Product collaborations with brands and media 


Fashion week events


Brand benefits:

Strengthen brand positioning with a prestigious location and physical exhibition in Paris

Create an opportunity for press and influencers networking

Strengthen wholesale and retail potential

for visitors to engage with the brand physically

Brand elevation, networking, and business growth

Gather valuable feedback from industry professionals and attendees

Values & Strategy :

We believe in the future of slow fashion, responsible production, creative ideas and originality.


We also believe in smart brand marketing and presentation, as costumers’ awareness and demands are increasing.

We are dedicated to engaging with our community through meaningful initiatives and transparent communication.

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